You love yoga. Going to a yoga studio, though, isn’t in the cards.Maybe you have small children. Or little time. Perhaps you don’t want to drive. Or, maybe you just enjoy the peace and privacy of at-home yoga.


No need to miss out on professional instruction to advance your yoga practice. Online yoga classes from the Yoga Shala bring real-time group yoga teaching into your home.

Virtual Yoga Classes:

Even while participating virtually in a live yoga studio class at the Yoga Shala, you’ll feel as if you are there. Krista Shirley, a Level 2 authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher, gives you the same individualized attention as those practicing yoga in person.

Krista provides feedback as you work through yoga postures. She directs adjustments to your poses. She’ll demonstrate new postures. You’re not practicing alone – ever.

Located in Maitland, FL, the Yoga Shala offers daily in-person classes, and even a Monday evening class. Krista uses the highly-effective Mysore method to teach Ashtanga yoga, a step sequence of yoga postures more than 5,000 years old.

Yoga Style:Mysore style Ashtanga yoga is, hands down, the best way to learn and practice yoga. You work at your own pace, under the guidance of a qualified teacher, in a safe and peaceful atmosphere. You’re surrounded (even virtually) with other like-minded souls.

Curious about Ashtanga yoga and the Yoga Shala? Visit the yoga studio’s YouTube channel to experience Krista’s expertise and personal approach!

Who Can Join Virtual Yoga Classes:All experience levels are welcome at the Yoga Shala, including those just learning how to do yoga. Online yoga classes are ideal for yoga for beginners. While the in-person experience at the Yoga Shala is supportive and communal, some still might not feel comfortable. Virtual yoga instruction with Krista is like a private yoga class!

People practice yoga for many reasons. It’s a safe, adaptable alternative to cross-fit and other strenuous workouts, with many of the same benefits. It’s ideal for older students, people with physical limitations, or those with minimal time for fitness.

Benefits of Virtual Ashtanga Yoga Classes:Given its emphasis on breath control, Ashtanga yoga is great for cardiovascular health. Its sequence of yoga poses, focused on mastering each before progressing, creates greater flexibility. Practitioners enjoy a heightened sense of self-awareness as they zone in on proper posture, achieved in large part through muscle control and measured breath-work.

Yoga unifies the mind, body and soul. If this is what you seek – regardless of where you live – join in online 90-minute yoga classes with the Yoga Shala. All you need are a yoga mat, hand towel and a good computer camera.

New Students to Virtual Yoga Classes:New students should plan for one hour. If they participate three days a week (or more), they will build on their practice and soon engage for the full 90 minutes. Students can arrive anytime between the start of instruction and 45 minutes prior to its conclusion. Hydrating before and after class is strongly advised.

Yoga can be practiced almost anywhere – one of its most valuable qualities. In-home yoga is tremendously popular. No need to do so alone – online yoga classes connect people from hundreds (or more) miles away, striving toward a health-focused goal.

Ready to learn Ashtanga yoga in the privacy of your home? Contact Krista and the Yoga Shala to virtually join its community. You’ll find people with a common purpose … and expert yoga teaching that puts you on a path to where you want to go.