The Yoga Shala, is located in Maitland, Florida. We are dedicated to imparting the Ashtanga yoga philosophy and practice developed and taught traditionally by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.  Our mission is to educate, guide and train seekers to attain higher levels in the fundamental, practical, philosophical, spiritual and mystical aspects of the traditional Ashtanga Yoga system.  Krista is a direct student of Śri K. Pattabhi Jois, Sharath Jois and Saraswati Jois. She has undergone extensive training and Level II Authorization at the prestigious KPJAYI Institute in Mysore, India. Krista strives to ensure Yoga is accessible to all, regardless of experience, age, race, income or personal learning style.

Three criteria apply for those wishing to develop or deepen their skill of self-practice – two internal, and one external, from self:


  1. The desire to acquire/deepen the skill
  2. Willingness to learn new things, to challenge self, and to grow and change


  1. A method to follow to achieve said skill

Krista will guide your efforts to cultivate, maintain or deepen your skills of self-study and self-practice using the Ashtanga Yoga method.  As you invest time and energy into Svadhyaya, or self-study, Krista will work with you privately, in mysore engagements, workshops or on retreats. She provides individualized instruction through one-on-one attention, encouragement and personalized adjustments. Krista’s love of this practice, her mastery of the skills, her passion for her students, and her personal appreciation for the gifts of yoga, create a unique environment that underlies the foundation of our community.

The Yoga Shala Community

Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Class at The Yoga Shala in Maitland, Fl (near Winter Park, FL)

Our entire offering is based on teaching those genuinely interested in learning the skill of daily self-practice. This approach uses the vehicle of Ashtanga Yoga as a blueprint to introduce, teach, hold space, assist, guide and help you acquire – and ultimately master – the skill of self-practice.

You will certainly learn how to master the postures in yoga. Yet, the skill of self-practice is less about postures, and more about bringing your body to your mat everyday, regardless of how many excuses your brain can devise for you to avoid doing so. Once you master the skill of self-practice, all postures in yoga truly are available to you, as long as you continue to apply the skill.

Our yoga community utilizes Ashtanga Yoga to learn and grow and change, and work toward mastery of the skill of self-practice. This is a skill applicable to every other area of your life, extending FAR beyond just yoga asana (movement practice). Yoga asana is a soft landing pad for the human body and mind to begin this type of work. Tap here to learn more about the Ashtanga Yoga method. We welcome you, and we hope you stay a while.

Krista Shirley, level two authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher and owner of the Yoga Shala in Maitland, Florida, adjusting a male yoga student in the primary series seated posture, Janu Sirsasana A. She specializes in Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga and offers classes Monday through Friday mornings at the Yoga Shala.

Yoga Services

  • Group Classes (In Person & Virtual)- Mysore engagements: 5-20:1 Instruction
  • Private Instruction: (In Person & Virtual) – 1:1 Instruction
  • Community Classes: Free based self-practice offering
  • Workshops : Special offerings dedicated to a specific topic or theme of yoga-based practices.
  • Community Events: Free based events for our community.
  • Retreats: Wholeness- and yoga-focused 1-2 week cultural immersions at unique destinations.

Our offering is solely for the support and development of any seekers wishing to master the skills offered in this practice.  We have worked hard to design a structure that supports you. Four ways are available for you to begin, begin again, maintain or deepen your personal quest for mastery of self-practice:  Mysore engagements (5-20:1); Private (1:1) instruction, mentorship;  Workshops; and Retreats. All Mysore Classes and Private Instruction are available in person or virtually.

Remote Teaching:

Krista primarily works privately (1:1) with local students, and remote  students interested in mentorship under her guidance.  Please email Krista for more information.  Mysore Engagement, Private Instruction, Workshops and Retreats are for both local and non-local students seeking to deepen their knowledge of this beautiful practice.  And both forms of instruction are available virtually for those who cannot make it to the studio or live out of town.

virtual, live stream, yoga classes at the yoga shala

Choosing the right fit for you:

Many clients choose a combination of private instruction (once to several times a week or month), available mysore engagements, and workshops or retreats as offered.  Other clients choose to work exclusively in Private Sessions or Mentorship (1:1). Still others choose only to participate in Mysore Engagements (5-11:1). Your entrance in the program is wholly your choice, based on your time and finance budget, schedule, needs and goals.

Once you have acquired sufficient foundational skills, we will invite you to benefit from our free- based self practice group. Its sole purpose is to provide an additional layer of accountability, support and community to those students participating in Mysore engagements, or private clients ready for this addition to their program. This self practice offering is by invitation only, and accessible only to current students active in our community.

Practice with The Yoga Shala

If you want to join us for LIVE classes, The Yoga Shala offers virtual and in person classes every weekday morning.  We are located at 140 Circle Drive, #4, Maitland, Florida. Owner, Krista Shirley, also offers virtual or in person private sessions (Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work, Nutrition, Life Coaching and Mentorship).  Visit for details.

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We hope you find this video series helpful to you in creating or maintaining your yoga practice!

About Krista

Krista Shirley is a level II authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher.  She is deeply passionate about sharing these teachings with all who wish to learn.

If you want to join Krista in person she teaches daily classes at The Yoga Shala in Maitland, Florida. She also offers virtual sessions in Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work, Nutrition, Life Coaching and Mentorship.  Check out for more details.

If you do not live in Central Florida and want to find an authorized teacher in your area, check out our teacher, Sharath Jois’ website, for a list of all teachers authorized and certified by his yoga centre in India.



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