Supta Konasana is a seated posture from the Ashtanga Primary Series.  It comes near the end of the seated sequence and offers a deep forward bend and leg stretch.  Supta, in Sanskrit, means reclining, “Kona” means angle, and “Asana” means pose.  Reclined Angle Posture is a beautiful pose that promotes strength, flexibility, and body control.

Benefits of Supta Konasana

Practicing Supta Konasana offers a myriad of benefits, making it a cherished posture in the Ashtanga sequence. Here are some key advantages:

  • Enhances Flexibility: Targets the hamstrings, groins, and hips, promoting overall flexibility.
  • Strengthens the Core: Engages the abdominal muscles, aiding in core strength development.
  • Stimulates Abdominal Organs: Improves the functioning of the digestive system and can help alleviate mild digestive issues.
  • Calms the Mind: Encourages a state of relaxation, helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

Contraindications for Supta Konasana

While Supta Konasana is beneficial, it’s not suitable for everyone. Individuals with the following conditions should exercise caution or avoid this pose:

  • Lower back injuries
  • Severe tightness in the hamstrings or hips
  • High blood pressure or heart conditions without prior consultation with a healthcare provider
Supta Konasana - Sleeping Angle Pose from the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series

Supta Konasana

Click here to watch the YouTube tutorial for Supta Konasana​

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Full Expression of Supta Konasana

We will be entering this posture from downward facing dog, having just taken a vinyasa after Upavishta Konasana to seated position.

Sapta: From downward facing dog, Inhale and look forward as you walk or hop your feet through and lay down on the ground.

Ashtau: Inhale take your legs over head, spread your legs out wide and grab your big toes.  Stay here for five deep breaths.

Nava: Inhale, roll up to balance on your sits bones

Exhale, lower your legs down and land on your calves (keep your feet flexed here).

Dasa: Inhale, lift your head up.

Ekadasa: Exhale, release your hands

Dvadasa: Inhale, cross your legs, lift your body up off the ground.

Trayodasa: Exhale and jump back into Chaturanga Dandasana.

Caturdasa: Inhale into upward facing dog

Pancadasa: Exhale into downward facing dog

Tap above or click here to watch the YouTube tutorial for Supta Konasana

Modifications for Supta Konasana

Not everyone can perform the full expression of Supta Konasana initially. Here are several modifications to make this pose more accessible:

  • Elevate the Hips: Sitting on a folded blanket can alleviate pressure on the lower back and make the forward bending motion smoother.
  • Bend the Knees: Slightly bending the knees can help relieve tension in the hamstrings, making the pose more comfortable.

Explore Further with a Full Tutorial

To deepen your understanding and refine your technique, head over to for a comprehensive tutorial on Supta Konasana. Krista’s expert guidance will help you navigate the nuances of this posture, ensuring a safe and effective practice.

Supta Konasana yoga tutorial by Krista Shirley. Find the full tutorial on

Supta Konasana, with its myriad benefits and the challenge it presents, is a cornerstone of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your at-home yoga practice, incorporating this posture can lead to significant improvements in flexibility, strength, and mental clarity. Remember, yoga is a journey, not a destination. Approach Supta Konasana with patience and respect for your body’s limits, and enjoy the unfolding of its many benefits.

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Supta Konasana yoga tutorial by Krista Shirley. Find the full tutorial on

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