About the Yoga Shala


The Yoga Shala

is a body movement studio with a specialized approach, customizing each clients class experience, based on their goals and needs.

Located in the heart of beautiful Maitland, Florida (near Winter Park and Orlando), was established from a passion to give yoga to the world and connect people to its many healing benefits.

Our goal is to foster a lighthearted, non-dogmatic, warm and encouraging environment, free of competition and expectations to fit within the westernized mold of yoga.

We aim to provide the highest quality yoga and pilates instruction in our studio, and ensure that it is accessible to all, regardless of experience. Our highly-knowledgeable teachers focus on individual instruction through one-on-one attention, encouragement and personalized adjustments. Their skill, passion for their students, and personal appreciation for the gifts of yoga create the unique environment that is the foundation of our community.

Health benefits of yoga

The benefits of practicing yoga are like no other. To ensure you get the most out of this powerful practice, it is crucial to get as close to the source as possible. Krista Shirley studied in Mysore, the birthplace of Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga, for 20 years and teaches the way she was taught. Experience this for yourself at The Yoga Shala in Maitland, FL (near Winter Park and the Orlando area).

Ashtanga Yoga employs a multitude of techniques, such as postures, breathing, concentration and meditation exercises; we could call it the yoga of techniques. Ashtanga Yoga differs from other forms of yoga in that it is dynamic; most are static. The benefits of this particular yoga practice may be grouped into three categories: physical, emotional and mental.