I have tried several, if not every, yoga studio in the Orlando/Winter park area… This studio is by far the most unique. Krista is the best teacher I have ever had. Ashtanga yoga is different than most styles of yoga and I have found that it is now the only yoga I practice. Krista has so much knowledge and cares so much for her students to truly learn that it was extremely easy for me to stay at the Yoga Shala permanently. Could not recommend the shala enough!

Victoria Quintero

No matter how one begins a Yoga practice, when it starts to really work you will inquire into a deeper understanding of what is Yoga. There are very few places that set the context for a daily practice where this inner inquiry can naturally flourish. I’m very thankful to find such a sacred space in The Yoga Shala, directed by Krista Shirley, where my practice feels supported by her guidance and its community.

Rei Enghard

Krista Shirley and her staff at The Yoga Shala are by far the best around. Their studio is great! The knowledge you will get and the confidence you will gain is priceless. I am a new student at their studio but I already feel like I am part of their community. I have learned so much about Ashtanga Yoga and about myself and I am forever grateful to this studio for all of it. Please do yourself a favor and visit The Yoga Shala, you will be glad you did.

Mariluluz Rivera

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 10 years, have about 300 hours of training completed, and have practiced at studios all over the country. The Yoga Shala is a traditional studio – it’s the real deal if you are looking for authentic Ashtanga Yoga.

Kate Borowsky

Heaven on Earth. You won’t find a better, more calming, yoga studio. It’s like a warm hug from a close friend every time you arrive. The classes are challenging enough to be exciting but you’re also encouraged to take everything at your own pace. Krista is hands down my most favorite yoga teacher ever. If I could fly back to FL 3x a week to take classes from her, I totally would!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Rebecca H.

New Student Special