Congratulations on your Pregnancy

As you probably know, doing yoga during pregnancy is a wonderful way to connect to your changing body and your growing baby.

*Please note that we do not hold prenatal-specific classes. Our prenatal instruction is conducted within the Mysore classroom, in Maitland, FL (near Winter Park), alongside other practitioners of varying levels, as the Mysore method of instruction is like having your own private session within a group setting.

Expectant mothers get to enjoy practicing yoga in a room with other people (pregnant, not pregnant, young, old, etc.) and get the individual attention, modifications and care needed during their special time. Anywhere there is Beginner or Mysore yoga instruction, our expectant mommies can come to learn prenatal yoga with us!

Krista is highly qualified to work with expectant mothers in their Ashtanga Yoga Practice. If you have an established Ashtanga Yoga practice please feel free to come to class anytime – no pre-registration required. If you are a yoga beginner, especially Ashtanga Yoga, PLEASE email us before coming in for your first class. It is important for Krista to understand several factors before deciding if our prenatal yoga classes will be appropriate for you (your physical activity and fitness level, how far along you are, and previous yoga experience).

​Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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Yoga is tremendously helpful during pregnancy. This practice allows the expectant mother to connect more deeply with her growing baby as well as connect to her own changing body. During child birth, Yogic breathing will be extremely beneficial in delivering your child from the womb. It is a powerful tool that will assist in pregnancy, delivery and post partum.


The Ashtanga Yoga asana practice during pregnancy will keep the expectant mother strong, healthy, and mentally and physically connected to her changing body, and the life growing inside her. Daily asana practice during pregnancy is a magical experience that one should not miss – to do a healthy physical practice that helps you become more focused and sensitive both with yourself and your child is a priceless gift.


Prenatal yoga allows for deep states of relaxation, both during and after asana practice. During practice you learn to create a moving meditation, which relaxes the mind as you cleanse the system. After the physical asanas, when in Shavasana, your body is able to find a deeper state of relaxation so you can restore, rejuvenate, and refresh the body. Daily asana practice, done over time, instills in the practitioner a higher state of constant relaxation throughout the day.


A pregnant yoga student from The Yoga Shala in Maitland, Florida practices a modified backbend pose outdoors. The Yoga Shala, located at 140 Circle Drive #4, Maitland, FL 32751, offers prenatal yoga sessions for expectant mothers as part of owner Krista Shirley's Mysore-style yoga classes. Krista ensures a safe and tailored yoga practice for moms-to-be, providing expert guidance and support during pregnancy.

For pregnant practitioners, this heightened focus helps ensure mommy to be is taking utmost care of herself and her baby, listens to her intuition at all times, finds and maintains more balance both mentally and physically with each change in her body as the baby grows, and so much more. Heightened focus not only ensures a more enjoyable pregnancy, but also a safer and faster and more pleasant delivery as well.