The Yoga Shala is excited to offer a yoga class that compliments many styles of yoga and is ideal for the beginner as well as the experienced practitioner.  Our Gentle Yoga with Sound incorporates crystal singing bowls and other sound modalities in addition to gentle Hatha yoga postures and stretches that give the participants a holistic experience for relaxation, rejuvenation and inner transformation. This class links gentle yoga postures, breath-work and a deep relaxation for an experience you will want to share. 

Gentle yoga postures (asana) – This class combines yoga postures linked together to open and relax the body which prepares it for the extended Savasana (relaxation pose) for the last part of class.

Breath-work (pranayama) – Emphasis will be placed on the importance of being mindful with the breath as you move through the gentle postures. This can calm the mind, and enhance the body connection while gently move you towards a more meditative state.

Relaxation Pose (savasana) .- The highlight will be the extended relaxation pose at the end of class that will incorporate the crystal singing bowls in a sound bath. The instructor will create harmonic tones and vibrations with the bowls that will gently resonate throughout the body. This experience is often described as deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, and meditative and facilitates stress relief and an energetic rebalance. 

We hope that you can join us every Sunday at 4pm for this important step to better health and well being that combines the physical benefits of yoga with the therapeutic effects of sound healing.