Why is it important to incorporate the closing sequence into our Ashtanga yoga practice? Whatever series of the eight limbed path we are practicing, we are starting with saluting the sun. We stoke an internal fire and increase our prana quality and intake to sustain us through our movements. We create an immense amount of energy and practice standing & seated series. The closing sequence is where we wind down and prepare for rest. Skipping our surya namaskars is like stepping out of bed and jogging without becoming present with our breath, focus and body awareness. Skipping the closing sequence is like finishing a run and not finding some stretches to release the tension created in our muscles. When we engage in activity without preparation or restoration, we increase the risk of having an injury or being counter productive to our purpose.

With Ashtanga yoga, if I don’t practice my closing sequence with integrity, I often leave my mat feeling overly stimulated or ungrounded. Too much emphasis can be placed on our seated series & we miss out on the benefits of a good quality closing session. Traditionally, the closing started with inversions, counter poses, seated meditation and final relaxation. Urdvah dhanurasana (upward facing wheel posture) was usually taught after secondary series was mastered. Now it has been threaded into the closing sequence to help counter all the forward bending in the primary series. The closing encourages our nervous system to calm down and prepare our bodies for final rest.

We have the uplifting and energizing effects of our backbends. We then take a gentle fold countering or heart opening. Clarity and balance are practiced through our queen & king of asanas, shoulderstand & headstand. We weave in the their counterposes, fish & child’s pose. Seated meditation is the final piece of closing. All of the vinyasas, drishtis, asanas prepare us for this moment of stillness and eventually laying down for final relaxation. It is important to leave room for a well deserved posture of release. Our practice is then sealed off and we can approach our everyday life with vitality and post yoga bliss! Next time you approach the mat, try approaching your closing sequence with curiosity. Try slowing down and really being present in each breath towards final relaxation!

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”
-Swami Sivananda