It’s winter time and a lovely time to share a hot tea recipe!  Jeeta takes us through making a delicious chai tea recipe and this one is mood altering!  Hope you enjoy!

~Makes 2 cups~
2 cups of water
Fresh ginger grated (quarter inch piece)
One stalk of lemongrass cut into smaller pieces
6-8 tulsi leaves
3-4 shreds of saffron
Cinnamon and cardamom to taste
1/4 cup of milk (nut milk also)
Tea leaves (I use 50-50 mix of organic Ceylon and Assam to which I add dried tulsi leaves and ginger powder)
Sweetener of your choice (optional)

Bring all the ingredients except milk and tea leaves to a boil.
When it starts to boil add your milk, let it boil again and turn it off.
Then add 1.5 teaspoon of tea leaves for each mug, so 3 teaspoons of tea total
and cover your chai, allowing it to brew for 2-3 minutes so the color sets in.
Strain and enjoy!

In Ayurvedic tradition, this tea is made without adding any milk (dairy) or tea leaves (caffeine).  This herbal tea, can be strained and enjoyed with a few drops of lemon. Honey can be added when it has cooled down a bit.  Since chai tea is very popular, we are using this herbal base to then make chai tea with benefits.​