We never appreciate sleep more than when we are not getting enough of it. When we get adequate sleep, it is a renewal of our mind, body, and spirit. It is amazing how sleep patterns influence our entire lives, from our energy levels and cognitive abilities to the appearance of our skin and length of our lifespan. Sleep matters. 

Fortunately, there are many practical ways to boost your sleep quality. Reducing stress levels during your waking hours is a good place to start. Yoga practices offer stress reduction and reconnection with your mind and body. Yoga is also an ideal way to improve sleep patterns. The Yoga Shala in Orlando teaches students how to use Ashtanga and Mysore methods to produce calm and enhance physical and emotional well-being. You can also reduce stress in other areas of your life to promote better sleep patterns.

Stress Reduction for Better Sleep
There are a multitude of ways to reduce stress, but to find the method that works best for you, it may be important to assess the source of the problem and how it is impacting your sleep patterns. Consider your sources of stress in life; are you struggling with work, relationships, or worries about loved ones? Think about the ways these stressors impact your daily routines and whether they are on your mind at bedtime or nagging at you throughout the day. 

You can reduce the impact of stress on your daily life by keeping a journal. Writing out your stressors will not solve them but will decrease the burden on your psyche and enable better rest. Share your thoughts and feelings with a trusted friend or life coach, who may be able to help you sort through things aloud rather than carrying the stress alone. Regularly scheduled massage therapy is another terrific way to relax on a regular basis and is likely to enhance your sleep patterns. As you explore avenues for sleep, consider the ways technology can assist.

Technology for Sleep Improvement
You can access a variety of apps and gadgets to assist you in your efforts to sleep well. Relaxing sounds and binaural beats have been shown to offer deep relaxation and improved mood by tapping into the theta, alfa, and delta wavelengths of the brain. Using a quality noise-canceling headphone set can help you focus solely on the sounds without distraction. For greater comfort, consider using a speaker system that can deliver high-quality sound and relaxing music to your bedside. Portable devices are a convenient option that can travel with you for optimal sleep when you are away from home.

Products like chiliPAD Sleep System address distractions such as bed temperature and allow you to adjust up or down to accommodate your comfort level.  Other items such as 10minds Motion Pillow tracks your head position and helps reduce snoring by adjusting inner airbags. As your sleep begins to improve, you will notice a variety of other improvements in your daily life, including the way you look.

Look Better Because You Sleep Better
It may not seem like an obvious connection, but it has been proven that the better you sleep, the more your outward appearance exudes health. One important reason sleep helps with our appearance is through the production of collagen, which minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. Good sleep also boosts our immune system and fosters tissue and cell repair, which can improve the appearance of skin and reduce irritation and inflammation. 

Sleep is a critical part of staying well, from skin cells to heart health. You can make decisions in your daily life that can help you sleep better, from reducing stress and exercising to choosing a healthy diet that allows your body to function at its best. Technology can even aid in your sleep efforts and offer you optimal relaxation for your mind and body. 

To learn more about how yoga can help you relax, improve your sleep patterns, and increase your overall wellness, check out The Yoga Shala.

Image credit: Pixabay.com